Solited: sustainable solar-energy sources in Africa

In many rural areas in Africa there is no access to a power grid. Solited International Trading BV focuses on creating opportunities for everyone to access renewable energy.

This begins with finding support and willingness on a government level to find ways for the country or region to be as self-sufficient as possible by using the available renewable energy sources.

By creating, for example, facilities for the assembly of solar panels in their own country, these (subsidized) products can be made available to people in rural, remote areas.

It is also possible that the solar panels are used for the construction of so-called solar farms, where many homes and businesses can be connected to a newly constructed local power grid.

Because the renewable energy is generated domestically, the need for (highly) skilled people in the factory and for the installation and maintenance arises and thus creates jobs in a new industry.
Of course there is also the advantage that the availability of electricity to the farthest corners of the country increases opportunities to develop for people living there, increasing the prosperity of the country as a whole.