Chukwuma Ukairo

I am very happy that Solited has come to improve the standard of electricity in Africa.
People are really interested in solar products here because of how difficult it is to afford electricity in their houses, companies and shops. I have made a lot of research but i found out that people suffer and spend alot of money to get light in their homes and places of work. We need solar energy products in Africa because of the amount of sunlight here in our region. Solited has also made it easier for many individuals to afford solar products in Africa than before.


Joy Godwin

Solited has created a great impact in my life academically because before, i was always going to buy kerosine and useing lantern to read my books which is dangerous because lantern can easily catch fire if it falls on the ground and has also been very difficult for me to read very well at night. But with the come of Solited, i can now make use of solar lamp which is cheaper and better for me to read at night. I love this solar product because it has helped me improve in my academic status.



Promise .N. Ukaegbu

The coming of solited has made me realize the importance of solar products here in Africa.
Solited has made it possible for me to start up a small business yielding income that i can use to take care of my self and also my school. Since i started making use of solar products in my shop, my business is now growing than before and with the amount of heavy sunlight in Africa, solar products would be of good help and use to many houses etc. Nevertheless, Solited is creating more business opportunities for individuals in Africa and it is not expensive to afford.



Chioma Akara

We use to hear about solar products a long time ago which was very difficult for us to afford but with the aid of solited, many individuals can now make use of electricity at cheap rates without going to buy generator or petroleum products. We love solar products because there is a lot of sunshine in our region and Solited has made it affordable for the rich and poor families.