Solited aims to improve the life style of people living in rural areas of  Africa.
Our main target is to make sure that there is adequate supply of electricity in the rural areas because people living in this areas spend a lot of money to buy kerosine, Generators, Petroleum products and to maintain their engines but with the amount of sunshine in this region, Solar energy products is the best and cheapest option to provide electricity for them.

Solited facilitates access to solar energy

We train, provide solutions and also initiate large scale marketing campaigns to stimulate demand for solar energy products.
Solited plans to provide adequate information to people living in rural areas across  Africa and wishes to expand its activities around the globe.


Most clinics in rural areas do not have electricity therefore Solited aims at providing quality solar energy lamps that will replace the usage of candle light/kerosene lamp in these health institutions in rural areas. Solar lamps will also be of great use in the maternity wings. The doctors and nurses will have sufficient light to help a mother during labour.

The solar lamps will also serve as an emergency when there is a black out in the night therefore providing hospitals and clinics with durable and sustainable backup, is one of our main target.

Information Sharing

  • Distribution of Solar energy for electricity
  • Technical programme support to community groups
  • Facilitating community participation in solar project development.


Most rural areas in Africa are mostly off-grid so we focus on creating access to solar energy because access to energy allows families to extend their effective day length, improve their communication with the outside world and creates all sort of new income generating possibilities.
The important condition that needs to be fulfilled to make this step towards a higher standard is to inform the people in the remote off-grid areas so that they can know the advantages of simple and affordable energy options.