Charles Dickson 


Charles Dickson is co-founder of Solited International Trading BV The Netherlands.

Dickson is passionate, ambitious with clear entrepreneurial and adventurous vision. He has a degree in Bachelor of Social Work and has led a lot of successful Multicultural Projects in The Netherlands. During his study Communication science at the University of Amsterdam in 2006, he started supporting  opportunities  for everyone in Africa  (Areas without energy) to access renewable energy to make communications easy and accessible.

The rise of Solited is in line with Charles Dickson’s vision on development cooperation that it should be approached as a win-win situation. A relation of equality should be central, not one of dependency. This can be found in Solited: it makes solar energy accessible for people in Africa and at the same time it creates employment  and realizes a new market area in  Africa for companies in the West.

Solited aims at making profit wereby part of the profit is returned in local communities by return investments.



Hans Verberg


Hans W.M. Verberg started his career in the development cooperation department of the State Printing House by coordinating  and equipping the building of 2 Mobile Printing Units and a Graphical Centre in Indonesia.

Hans was active in the public as well as in the private sector. In 1994 he founded his own company in financial auditing and advise hoping and trying to make other small sized companies become better and succesfull. In this way the contact started in 1996 between Charles Dickson and Hans W.M. Verberg.

By being co-founder of Solited International Trading BV Hans W.M. Verberg makes his careercircle complete. The approach of equality and aiming at a win-win situation in companies with representives of the local comunities and the possibilies for helping people to get a better life with more chances still fit with the starting point of his career.

The aims of Solited for earning money and returning part of the profits made to the local communities  and creating jobs in the local communities very much appeal to his own feelings for trying to help people to get a better and hopefully happier life.



Paul .J.B. van Gelderen

Executive Board Advisor

Lighting designer, Business consultant, Solar specialist, Product designer, Owner: Immen consultancy b.v., Light Eigentijdse verlichting b.v., PJ2 b.v. Consultancy and developement, Karma Design b.v. design and production, PUM senior consultant





Sjak Rijnaarts

Executive Board Advisor

Sjak Rijnaarts is self employed and owner of Engas Engineers B.V.

He is living and working in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

Engas Engineers B.V. provide service as engineering & consultancy & Business development services senior Technical Safety engineer, Process design Engineer for the Oil & gas industry and development and startup of teams engineering and sales teams. Important clients in the last 5 years: Shell UIE , Shell EP/PT and Shell SGS, Jacobs Engineering,



Sabrina Barmentloo

Executive Board Advisor

After various commercial positions in various industries, I started SALES-WISE in 2010. With SALES-WISE, I am usable for ambitious clients for interim or consultancy assignments in strategic marketing and sales area. I have great projects may realize both B2B and B2C companies in recent years. On my website more about that.
When clients Solar Living Oskomera and I became familiar with the possibilities of solar energy. The applicability of this is Africa, where plenty of sunshine is correct and scarcity of other sources of energy, makes me excited. For that reason, I like to turn my expertise to support Solited.